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December 11, 2020

Beard oil. It’s one of those things bearded men know they should probably be using, but what are they all about?

For starters, like the hair on your head, your beard can start looking dry and straggly if you don’t look after it. And we want nourished hair that’s easy to manage. Read on to find out how beard oil, especially one with the right ingredients, can help you achieve just that.

What is beard oil?

Male grooming has moved on at a pace in the last couple of decades. That said, beard oil isn’t a new invention. They’ve been used since ancient times. Yes, really! Nowadays, formulations may have changed somewhat, but if you’re looking for natural oils without any nasties, there are a lot of similarities between the original oils and those on the market today.

You may also be wondering whether to use beard oil or balm. They both do the same thing in essence, which is to keep your hair looking healthy. It will come down to your personal preference and the type of beard you have. Balms tend to provide greater hold than oil, but oils are generally considered to be more versatile, suiting a wider variety of beard types.

What does beard oil do?

Why use beard oil? Topline, a beard oil moisturises. That’s your hair and the skin underneath. Handy if you’re sporting a full beard that hampers the access to your face. But more than that, beard oils are a styling product. So, you can exit your house feeling groomed.

Here’s another thing to note. Regardless of your beard length or shape, anyone can benefit from using beard oil. You may think that you just have a bit of stubble and it’s not worth the fuss. But all the same things apply. But remember it is first and foremost a way of moisturising, and that will give you a good reason for introducing an oil into your routine.

And the beard oil benefits keep coming. Because it moisturises your skin and hair, your beard stays flake-free. The nourishing properties along with regular beard trimming also tame wispy hairs. And the big bonus? It smells good. What more can we say!

The benefits of argan oil for your beard

Now we know that beard oils are worth the hype, which one to choose?

Let’s step back to the whole formulation thing for a bit. You’ll find that some hero ingredients pop up often. Beard oils with argan oil are an example. Oils like this give you a fatty content that nourishes skin and hair. It’s also rich in vitamin E which promotes a shiny, glossy look, and reduces split ends. It also combats environmental damage.

Other hardworking ingredients to look out for include those like Ceramide 3, which reinvigorate dry and brittle hair.

How to use beard oil

Top tip. Don’t forgo the shampooing and conditioning of your beard because you’re using beard oil. You still need to keep it clean and washing it a couple of times a week is the first step. While you’re washing, be sure to massage your skin underneath gently with your fingertips to slough off dead skin and re-energise your face underneath.

Now, how to apply your beard oil. Step one, make sure your beard is completely dry. The good news is that it’s quick and easy to get it on there, so it won’t add more than a moment to your morning routine. Simply add a few drops to your palm, rub your hands together lightly and smooth the oil through your beard.

Make sure to massage it through the length of your beard, using upward and downward strokes. Wondering here how much beard oil to use? Just go easy on the amount. Too much and you’ll end up looking greasy.

When to use beard oil

Ah, the good old debate on how often to use beard oil. Some people use it once a week, others twice a day. The fact is, it’s always advisable to moisturise your beard daily, whether you use a combination of beard moisturiser and oil.

The best time is after showering, after washing your face. This is the time when your pores are open, giving you maximum absorption of all the good things in your oil. Some men also like to apply a little before they go to bed, as part of their evening skincare routine.

Some of this will come down to your skin type too. Yes, a nice warm shower does wonders for opening your follicles and pores, but if too much washing dries out your skin, cleanse and moisturise in a way that works for you. Just don’t skip the beard oil afterwards. It’ll be worth it!