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December 08, 2020

You know those hard-to-buy-for people. Everyone has at least one. And perhaps, along the way, you’ve wondered whether a skincare hamper or gift set might be the ideal present. Especially if they like that sort of thing.

Once you start researching ideas, you may hit a wall. There are lots of factors to consider when shopping for skincare presents. So, how can you navigate these tricky waters, and does skincare still make a perfect gift?

Things to think about when gifting skincare

Think of it this way, a luxurious skincare collection really can make a thoughtful gift, as long as you bear some things in mind.

Put yourself if the giftee’s shoes. If someone bought you a product for acne-prone skin, for example, would you be thrilled or slightly offended? Aside from people’s potentially sensitive feelings, there’s the basic fact of skin types too. If you want to gift something that will be well received, you want to find something that’s suitable for their skin.

We know, you may already be feeling like you’ve opened a pandora's box here. And we said that skincare gifts were a good idea! But bear with us. There is a way!

Buying for someone you don’t know well

First off, what if you don’t know someone quite so well? Does that mean you should steer clear of sending a skincare collection entirely? Not necessarily!

The best approach may be to keep it neutral. There are plenty of skincare gifts that are suitable for any skin type or focus on a different part of the body.

Something like a beard care kit for a man with a beard isn’t a huge stretch, especially if they like to look well-groomed. And if you’re worried about buying face creams and products suited to a specific skin type, you can always opt for a skincare gift that’s more universal, like one with body creams and lip balms.

Whatever you choose the rule of thumb here is go for something more neutral in terms of benefits and skin types. A personal gift is great if you know someone well, but it’s a riskier strategy if you don’t.

Know your audience

If you’re close to a person, and you know just what kind of thing they love, and the types of skincare products that suit them, you’re already onto a winner. Even if you decide to give them something slightly different, like a different brand, for example, you’re on steady ground.

There are other things to consider here too. For example, do you know what’s important to that person? Do they shop organic? If so, organic skincare gift sets could be a winner. Are vegan skincare brands top of their list? These kinds of snippets of info could make your present feel even more special.

Best skincare gifts for people you know well

If you have the lowdown on what sorts of ingredients and products a person uses, you can be a bit bolder with your choices. An insight into someone’s favourite products can make your job incredibly easy. But you have the option to be a little creative too.

We all know that there are certain things we buy for ourselves, and others that feel like a real treat, adding to your essential skincare kit. If you go for those sorts of ideas, it will give you present a less functional feel.

An indulgent skincare hamper with a hot cloth cleanser could be just the thing. Or a facial spa set. If you’re still not sure exactly what someone needs, you can go for a travel kit, which allows them to sample smaller versions of products, and as a bonus, usually come in perfectly presented packages.

Should you get a skincare gift card?

If you’re still teetering at the checkout with some doubts in your mind, a skincare gift card could be a good alternative.

Just like any kind of gift card for any store, the most important thing is feeling sure that the recipient would like to get something from that shop. Again, having an idea of their tastes and preferences is key, and that doesn’t have to involve having an in-depth knowledge of the person.

In this case, if you know they like skincare, that’s probably enough! If you have an idea of what kinds of brands they like, and what those brands represent, even better.

Just remember, a box containing the right skincare collection can be a great gift. It’s luxurious, often gives people something they wouldn’t buy for themselves, and they can be practical too. Like any present, as long as you think about the person you have in mind and pitch it just right, it can make someone very happy on Christmas day.