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April 29, 2021

This one goes out to all the natural faced beauties out there. Because skincare is our first love, we 100% believe that the bare-faced look is worthy of big kudos. But (and there is a big but here), sometimes it’s just nice to get your makeup on.

Some of us rely on our makeup every day, and we have a lot of love for that too. One of our favourite beauty hacks is around wearing colour. Because this is a cool little tip that can bring out the best of our features, whether you like to wear just a bit of makeup or go for a full look. Here’s how to work it like a pro.

Skincare first

Wearing make-up can take its toll on our skin. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With the right skincare routine, you can keep your skin fresh regardless of whether you love to layer your look or not.

It’s also down to choosing the right makeup products. This is true for any skin type, and especially if you are prone to acne, breakouts, or sensitive skin.

So, here we go, from the bare skin up:

  • Perfect your morning and evening skincare routine – that means using products that will benefit your skin type and lavishing your face with some TLC twice a day. And if you like to keep your skincare routine simple, that’s ok too. Work it to suit your skin and preferences.
  • Always remove your makeup thoroughly – this is one simple tip, but it often gets neglected. This can lead to breakouts and stressed skin. To remove dirt, makeup and impurities use makeup remover and wash your face with a gentle, non-stripping cleanser twice a day.
  • Follow natural beauty tips – this one’s simple in theory. Stay hydrated, sleep well, eat healthily, exercise, protect your skin with sunscreen. In reality, some of these, like your diet, lifestyle and sleep can take a bit of work. But it’s worth it and your skin will thank you.

Perfect your base

Hopefully, your skin is looking pretty good if you’re acing these skincare hacks. If that’s not happening for you right now, you can always work on your base. This is a good one regardless of how flawless your complexion is looking.

Your base is essential to nail bolder makeup looks. Not only does it make your skin look extra luminescent, but it also helps keep your makeup in place for the day, or night. Here’s your mini-guide:

  • Make sure your skincare routine includes some hydration. Find the products that suit your skin, from daily moisturisers to serums and face oils. And yes, this one goes for oily, breakout-prone skin too. When you know what works for you, you’ll be applying your makeup to well-nourished, moisturised skin.
  • Use a primer. Hooray for the worst kept beauty secret! Because adding one of these to your makeup kit will enable you to get that smooth, soft-focus base. Choose one that’s light enough to suit even oily and combination skin to keep your skin fresh underneath.
  • Apply your foundation like a pro. That means less is more. If you need to go back and layer up in some areas, go for it. But don’t be tempted to smother it on in the first place. Work that technique to the max with the right tools too. Brushes can help you achieve a softer, natural look, and the right foundation, which’s also kind to any skin type will give you the option to wear it every day without clogging your pores.

Work that blush

One of the simplest ways to add a bit of colour to your look is with a blusher. Using them can be trickier than you think. Going crazy with it just feels so tempting. If you curb that and aim for a less is more approach, you’ll look glowing and fresh-faced.

One of our favourite tips is to use a liquid blush, like an ultra-pigmented gel formulation, that blends seamlessly. That way, you can layer it as you like, adding a bit more for a more made-up look, and keeping it lowkey for the everyday.

Make sure you pick the right blush for your skin tone and get to grips with the best way to apply it. That includes using the right kind of brush and working from the roundest part of your cheeks upwards.

Lip colour pop

The hero of any bold look, our failsafe to add some colour to your look starts and ends with your lips. That’s not to say that we don’t love eyeshadows, but when it comes to day to night beauty tips, lip colour can amp up any look.

To avoid mishaps, go for a long-lasting lip colour that won’t bleed. One that moisturises will also help you avoid stressed, dry lips at the end of the day. And go wild! If you fancy the boldest colour, do it. The beauty of a flawless base is that you can make a statement just by sweeping a colour over your lips before you leave the house. So, that’s wearing colour, nailed.