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Facetheory Customer Reviews

Don't believe how good our personal skincare system is? Don't just take our word for it - here are some of the things our customers say:

The texture is so enjoyable to use. The exfoliator feels very moisturising and the grains are just the right consistency Amy, talking about exfoliating cleanser E1
The actual packaging/box that it came in was lovely too…. All very nicely done with the tissue paper and the instructions/ingredients of each product was great.

It looks to me as though it’s all been very well thought out…. I am very pleased with all of it.

Oh, and I must say 1 more thing…. The moisturiser smells divine. Tracey, talking about anti-aging moisturiser m4
Very creamy texture, no drying effect, works amazingly to help remove make up and dirt. leaves my skin feeling very clean and soft especially when used with the E1 exfoliator! Sian, talking about clearing cleanser C2
You only need to use a tiny amount, I have been using it on my face and also on my elbows (I get really dry elbows in the winter). Even using it once a day for a week I still have plenty left :) The cream is lovely to apply, it's non greasy and as well as feeling moisturising it feels very refreshing. I love the fact it made with argan oil as I am a massive fan of anything with this ingredient! Sarah, talking about anti-ageing moisturiser m4
I've had bad skin for 9 years and after using this for 2 weeks I can finally say that my skin has cleared up - it has taken away so many acne scars and prevented break outs. Good value, customer service brilliant - will be sticking with Facetheory for a long time! Molly, talking about her personal skincare routine.
Wonderful little invention the 'Super Gel Moisturizer' - this is mattifying, protective and hydrating.. what more could you want! Charlotte, talking about supergel moisturiser m3 for oily skin.
Thank you for the sample of face theory cleanser. I have used it twice so far and already my skin is looking healthier and my sun spots on my face are truly fading already - honestly this is 100% true. Try it yourselves and see how it can help with any problems you might have. I'd recommend it to everyone. Valerie, talking about her personal skincare routine.
Found facetheory when searching for facial products which contain retinol and hyaluronic acid (also known as the fountain of youth). What a find!! Products arrived beautifully packaged and certainly seem to have all the ingredients I feel my skin needs at a fraction of the cost of other products containing similar ingredients. I have already told my daughters about the products and will also tell my sisters and my friends. Well done facetheory. Karin, talking about anti-ageing moisturiser m4 five star rating