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February 09, 2021

It’s safe to say that this year, Valentine’s Day may be a little weirder than normal. With everything that’s going on right now, we need to direct some love and care right back at ourselves.

So, whether you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, apart from your loved ones, or just feeling burnt out (we know we are!) This is the perfect time to get devotional to self-love.

How to self-love

It’s not as easy as that though, is it? If you’ve ever taken time to listen to your inner critic, you’ll know that many of us slip into negative self-talk all too easily. The quick test here is to sense-check whether you’d say the things you say to yourself to a friend. Chances are, you wouldn’t!

We are so harsh on ourselves at times, and that can lead to anxiety and low mood for starters. And if only we could flick a switch with this! But the world we live in is full of triggers. We compare ourselves to friends and even to strangers on social media. We berate ourselves for mistakes. We worry about other people’s perceptions of us.

Now, we're not saying we have all the answers here. But know that you are not alone in this. Also remember you can tap into some simple, powerful self-love exercises for a boost. Here are some ways to take back a little of what you lost over the day, or even the past few weeks.

Make Valentine’s a self-care day

Here’s a thought for you. Since we’ve talked about how hard we can be on ourselves, and how frazzled we may feel at the moment, why don’t we turn the rosy glow on ourselves this Valentine’s Day?

This can be as simple as dedicating Valentine’s to yourself, as a self-care day. And how could you do this? We like the idea of little wins. Because the pressure might be on, there could be a temptation to forgo any attempt to look after yourself. So, why not:

  • Take a bit longer on your morning skincare routine, and even try makeupfulness, a type of mindfulness you can practice as you get ready.
  • Get some fresh air during the day. Yes, even if you’re mega busy!
  • Spend a few extra minutes pondering over your morning coffee.
  • Plan an afternoon with your favourite film or reading a book.
  • Cook some comfort food or order a takeaway and give yourself the night off.

Self-care ideas for a pampering session

If you’re already thinking of excuses, stop yourself right now! It may feel too indulgent, or selfish. But without taking time for your mental wellbeing, you won’t be in the position to take care of others. So, it is not selfish. It is necessary and smart. Right!

And if the pandemic means you’re stuck at home for the evening, you can still find some balance. Here are some self-love exercises for you:

  • Schedule an at-home facial – chances are, you already have everything you need to do this, but you can add to your toolkit if you fancy too, with luxe products like the Magnitone First Step Vibrasonic Cleansing Brush used with your favourite cleanser and followed by your moisturiser. Just a little switch up like this could make your usual night-time routine feel extra indulgent.
  • Run a bath – the weather is freezing. We can’t go out much. Dreary! Except, what better excuse to have a long, warm bath? Grab a book, get away from your phone for a while, and make sure to moisturise well after to lock in hydration. Soul and body nourished!
  • Dress up, because you can – being at home 24/7 doesn’t mean you have to live in your joggers. Unless you want to of course. But there’s something uplifting about making an effort, even if no one can see you! So, why not add a dash of fragrance. Not for them. For you, and you, alone.

Building a self-care routine

While Valentine’s Day gives us a good excuse to turn some love back inwards, it has to be said that these things shouldn’t be a one-day-only thing. Prioritising our self-care and perfecting our ability to self-love can be a continual journey. And if that makes us feel better on the whole, and it gives us more positive energy for our relationships, it’s got to be a no brainer.

So why not start as you mean to go on. Gift yourself a skincare self-care kit and set aside time for a regular pampering session. Extend your evening routine once or twice a week with a face mask and sit back for a few minutes to let it do its thing.

Like anything love-related, sometimes it’s not about the big gestures. It’s the little ones that show you care, and these can make all the difference.