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January 27, 2021

If you’re a beauty fan, you’ll know that exfoliating is a key step to any routine. And we’re not just talking about on your face.

Exfoliants can work wonders top to toe, including the forgotten places, like your lips. The question is, what type of scrub do you use, and how do you use them for maximum results.

What is exfoliation?

Why should you exfoliate in the first place? Regardless of the part of the body you’re looking at, the reasons remain the same.

The headline benefits are:

  • It sloughs away dead skin cells. Left alone, these can lead to dry, flaky patches.
  • It can help fight against clogged pores.
  • It can boost collagen production, which is what gives your skin its elasticity and youthful feel.

All in all, exfoliating can give you brighter, more vibrant skin. What’s not to love there?

So, here’s a look at three key areas, your body, your face and the often-neglected lips, to see exactly how scrubs can increase vibrancy without complicating your skincare and beauty routine.

How to use a body scrub

There are different kinds of scrubs and some are better suited to each area of the body. The different types fall into two main categories, physical exfoliants and chemical exfoliants.

Often, body scrubs are more intense than ones for your face. Which all comes down to the fact that the skin on your face is more delicate. So, what are your body scrub benefits and options?

First and foremost, it will soften your skin, smoothing bumps and dry patches. It also promotes healthy cell turnover for extra glow, and it can free ingrowing hairs.

A body scrub massage two or three times a week is a relaxing and indulgent step to your weekly skincare routine. If you have oily skin, you may choose to do this every day.

As with any kind of exfoliation, it’s important to follow with a good moisturiser to increase the benefits. Multi-tasking products can give you a simplified and powerful alternative to scrubs too. For example, our Body Brush Set includes a nourishing body cream with collagen enhancing Centella Asiatica and a gentle buffing body brush, so you can buff and nourish in one go.

How often should you exfoliate your face?

If you’re wondering how often to exfoliate your face, it also comes down to your skin type and your product. Gentle acids which act as exfoliants can be used in your cleanser, daily.

You may even want to add an exfoliating face mask to your routine once or twice a week to give your skin a brighter, fresher look.

There are a few ways to exfoliate your face, including exfoliating face scrubs, masks, creams and serums. As always, it’s about finding the right products for your skin type, so you’ll need to do a bit of swotting up.

How to use a lip scrub

What about those other areas that desperately need some skincare TLC? Your lips are a big one. We perhaps add a little lip balm when necessary, but often, that’s as far as we go. And is that enough?

There are plenty of reasons to use a lip scrub. For starters, your lips have a poor barrier function. Which is a fancy way of saying that they lose moisture easily. Now all those times you’ve had chapped lips make sense, don’t they?

Just like other scrubs, you can find different types of lip scrubs out there, and you can make your own. We love a sugar lip scrub because it’s natural, and it’s an exfoliant that packs a punch.

If you’re wondering how to use a lip scrub like this, add it into your skincare regime once or twice a week. Remember, your lips are sensitive, so it’s important not to over scrub or overdo it. Afterwards, always apply a moisturising lip balm, and keep applying this balm in between treatments to keep your pout in top condition.