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January 20, 2021

If you’ve noticed that your skin feels a little different in the wintertime, you’re not alone. Every season has an impact on our skin. In the winter, it’s all about moisture.

Cold temperatures, harsher weather conditions, and central heating all take their toll and leave our skin feeling, well, not glowing! But there are ways to pep up your complexion and feel radiant. Whether you suffer from dry, oily or combination skin, here are the top pointers you can follow for that fresh faced look.

Top three winter skincare tips for all skin types

First, let’s run through the basics. These moisture-sucking weather conditions mean we need to stay healthy from the inside out. Experts tell us to be mindful of these three headline winter skincare tips:

  • Stay hydrated – drink lots of water, because it’ll boost your moisture levels. Simple.
  • Moisturise – keep your skin well moisturised. This will act as a barrier to the elements for locked-in hydration.
  • Protect your skin – protect sensitive parts of your face, like your lips, which can be done with a lip balm. If you’re really bracing the elements, perhaps hitting the slopes or hiking a hill, use clothing like face masks to protect your skin.

SPF and winter skincare

The UK weather is more or less sunless for much for the winter. Listen to the experts though. That does not mean it’s time to skip SPF, regardless of your skin type, or your amount of exposure to the sun.

Dermatologists tell us to apply an SPF of 15 or higher every single day. If you’re spending more time outdoors, you may want to up the factor and make sure to reapply it regularly.

Dry skin routine for winter

It’s easy to see how dry skin can feel dull during the winter months. To build a skincare routine that works best for your complexion, you need to look for the right products.

Here are a few winter skincare tips for the AM and PM:

  • Gently cleanse – more than ever, you need a cleanser that’s gentle and won’t dehydrate your skin. Repeat AM and PM.
  • Exfoliate – again, the key is to go gently here. Buffing acids are a perfect step to add to your AM routine. Or indulge in a face mask made for dry skin once or twice a week.
  • Moisturise – to keep your skin soft and supple, go for replenishing formulas that will lock in moisture. Add to your routine morning and night.
  • Add a face oil – formulas like our Balancing Rosehip Oil O3 will freshen your face while giving you a boost of vitamin E which helps to combat toxins and UV damage. Smooth it on in the PM.
  • Don’t forget the SPF – we know, you know already, but make sure to add an SPF to your morning skincare routine.

Combination skin in winter

If you have combination skin, the winter can feel like a bit of a juggling act. Your dry spots can become red and irritated, the oily areas may feel clogged.

What to do? Here’s how to take care of combination skin in winter:

  • Choose your cleanser – if you’re tempted to go hard with the cleanser, don’t! Go for products that are gentle and suitable for congested skin and repeat AM and PM.
  • Tone – a lightweight toner will reduce pore size and work to restore you skin’s balance. Sweep over your face morning and night.
  • Moisturise – this is a must AM and PM. Go for moisturisers that will reduce redness, pore size and even out your skin tone. If you like, add a replenishing formula as part of your night-time routine. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid are key, because they help your skin retain its moisture balance.
  • Add an SPF – in the AM. You know why!

Oily skin during winter

If your oily skin means that winter doesn’t give you a dried out feel, you’re one of the lucky ones. But even oily skin types can encounter problems in the chilly seasons.

Your complexion may feel congested, or you may experience more breakouts. So, what can you do with oily skin during winter?

  • Cleanse but don’t strip – you guessed it! It’s all about the clarifying, gentle cleanse to help you soothe your skin and unblock pores, AM and PM.
  • Exfoliate – yes, you need to keep that complexion fresh and clear blockages. Working a gentle exfoliating face mask into your morning routine will help you do just that.
  • Consider a serum – if you have blemishes or acne, consider adding a targeted serum for oily, acne-prone skin at night.
  • Moisturise – for oily skin, you need something lightweight that has the right actives to soothe your skin. Again, hyaluronic acid is a good moisture-boosting active to watch out for, in an oil-free formula. This is an AM and PM step.
  • Add an SPF – we don’t need to remind you to add this to your morning routine.