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December 18, 2020

Love it or hate it, Secret Santa is one of those things that usually comes with working in a team. Most of us fall into one of two camps when it comes to this whole ritual. Some relish the opportunity to show off their present-to-recipient matching skills, and we take our hats off to you if that’s the side you’re on.

If you’re the other type, the ones who feel the anxiety flood through their body as they frantically check to see if they can book some annual leave for the dreaded day of exchange, just know that you’re not alone! The other thing is that Secret Santa isn’t just a workplace thing. Some friendship groups and families also opt for this as an easy, budget-friendly way to gift.

What to buy for Secret Santa

Let’s just say, of all the gifting options out there, beauty buys work the best for this annual tradition. There are both practical and indulgent skincare hampers, giving you plenty of options, so that makes the whole budgeting issue a little easier. And if you’re thinking that beauty gifts are just for women, think again. There’s something for every person and price point. Here are some of our facetheory Secret Santa gift ideas.

Gifts for him and her

Keeping it universal is one of the first rules to gifting skincare. You can be bold if you know someone well, and you have the inside track on what they use. But if not, it’s best to play it safe. Safe does not need to mean underwhelming. Neither do inexpensive Secret Santa gift ideas. Here’s what we mean:

Gift idea #1: facetheory Lipabalm Bioactive Lip Balm BM1

It’s winter, and many of us neglect the skin on our lips. Parched lips can be pampered, just like the rest of our face. Our Lipabalm Lip Balm proves that good things come in small packages. Containing Shea butter and made from raspberry seed oil, Lipabalm provides deep hydration to cracked or chapped lips and leaves a glossy but not sticky finish.

Gift idea #2: facetheory Chirosmooth Rice Ferment Hand Cream

Keeping our hands clean has been an important part of our everyday life but it’s taken its toll on our hands. Hand cream is a daily essential but also a great gift, helping to transform hands quickly. Formulated with Korean rice ferment, our Chirosmooth Hand Cream also contains 5% urea which helps to soften scaly skin caused by frequent hand washing.

Gift idea #3: facetheory Tendertouch Reusable 100% Organic Cotton Pads

Sustainable beauty is one way we can help the planet, and there are plenty of ways to do your bit without making dramatic changes to your life. If you’re irked by the amount of waste that Christmas accumulates, this thoughtful gift is a step in the right direction. Each pack contains eight plastic-free, unbleached organic cotton pads, which come in a handy drawstring bag to ensure they don’t get lost in the washing machine.

Gift idea #4: facetheory Konjac Face Sponge

Did you know that applying skincare products with the right tools can make all the difference to the results that you get? The facetheory Konjac Face Sponge, ups your cleansing regime to a professional level. With a silky soft texture when used wet, this applicator distributes your cleanser onto your skin evenly and gently sloughs away any dead skin cells.

Gift idea #5: facetheory Calming Argan Oil 01

If you know that person has been working hard all year, you really can’t beat the facetheory Calming Argan Oil 01. Yes, it’s soothing, and yes, it’s indulgent. Along with omega fatty acids and organic argan oil, this multipurpose hydrator also contains anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and nourish both the skin and hair.

Gift idea #6: facetheory Satin Finish Beard Oil L15

If nothing else, 2020 has been the year where we’ve all learned to groom ourselves a little better, without the help of hairdressers and barbers. If you have a beard and you like to look good, this eco-friendly Satin Finish Beard Oil is perfect. Containing Emogreen, a cutting-edge silicone replacement derived from plants as well as a blend of organic oils, it will keep your hair healthy and glossy.

Gift idea #7: facetheory Freshening Face Wash C4

Not all skincare hampers and gifts are just for girls. That’s why this one is firmly on our Secret Santa gift ideas list. Our Freshening Face Wash contains aloe vera and green tea to gently unblock pores without drying out the skin. Whether you’re wearing makeup, or you just want to wash away impurities, this is for you.

Gift idea #8: facetheory Hot Cloth Cleansing Set

Either use this hydrating and super relaxing Hot Cloth Cleansing Set post-shave or use with a cleanser to freshener up the skin and give you a mini spa treatment without leaving the house. What could be handier? And you’ve got it, this original Secret Santa gift idea is good for girls and boys.