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April 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day! Because Thursday 22nd April marks Earth Day 2021. For those in the know, this is an international day dedicated to climate action. And if you’re wondering what on earth (excuse the pun) it is, don’t worry! Think of these next few paragraphs as your mini-guide to Earth Day, with feel-good ways to join in and get creative.

Sustainability matters

As far as global convos go, sustainability is bigger than ever. Climate issues that include emissions and plastic waste won't be going away any time soon. Left unchecked, it will continue to have massive implications across the world.

If that starting thought already makes you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone. The problem of climate change is big. As individuals, we are small. So, how much can we really do to help the climate action cause?

Of course, like anything, every contribution adds up. That’s why something like Earth Day is so important. It focuses attention on real issues and gives us a way of collectively making a difference.

Why sustainable skincare

Any Facetheory fan will know that we’re all about sustainability and clean skincare. The beauty industry at large is guilty of producing enormous amounts of plastic waste, as well as using toxic formulations which are bad for both the body and the planet.

The good news is that both customers and beauty businesses are starting to make real changes on those fronts. People are choosing sustainable brands that both look to clean formulations and environmentally-friendly packaging. So, how simple is that? By just making a conscious choice with the brands you buy in the first place, you can help to buck the trend.

Earth Day activities

As a brand, combatting these issues runs deep in our DNA, but we still can’t help but feel especially excited and motivated by the noise around Earth Day this year. Because our customers and others across the world continue to inspire us with fun ways to join in.

So, with no further ado, here are our top three. Needless to say, all of which can be done with your Facetheory products.

1. Repurpose your pots

Did you know that we spent quite a bit of time thinking about our packaging? Our amber glass jars are recyclable. And, even if we do say it ourselves, they look rather nice too.

The question is, do you really want to throw these away? Or recycle. Remember, always recycle! Except, in this case, don’t! Keep them. Wash them out with warm soapy water, or pop them in the dishwasher. You’ll find that our labels are easy to remove. Then, repurpose them for anything you like, including:

  • For candles.
  • As gin glasses.
  • To hold makeup brushes.
  • For pens and pencils.
  • As a tea light holder.
  • As a cotton pad container.
  • For your spare change and keys.

2. Repot your plants

Green is just about our favourite colour right now. If Earth Day is already giving you spring-like, green vibes, this one is for you.

We love the idea of repurposing your pots for just about anything, but repotting your plants has to be our highlight. Partly because the amber glass just works for pot plants. Plus, the whole process just feels good. (And yes, we have thought about this a lot!)

But get repotting and you’ll see what we mean. Here’s how to re-pot a plant, or plant one from seed:

  • Wash out your glass jar carefully, making sure to remove all residue.
  • Choose your plant or bulb, ensuring they’re the right size for your jar. Plants like aloe vera, small cacti and kitchen herbs work well.
  • Place some pebbles or pennies at the bottom of the jar.
  • Add some compost over this, around three-quarters of the way to the top if you're planting seeds or a bulb.
  • Scatter your seeds or place your bulb in the centre.
  • Add a layer of compost over the top.
  • Water lightly and pop in the best place for the plant to grow.

3. Recycle what you don’t need

We couldn’t sign off without highlighting this one. Most of us have been crushing and recycling cans since our primary school days. It’s hardly a new thing to talk about recycling containers when you’ve finished with them.

But recycling beauty and skincare products can be tricky. As we said, sometimes formulations mean that you can’t just throw them away. Luckily, some forward-thinking recycling companies are giving us more ways to recycle our used up containers. For your Facetheory jars, it’s even easier. Simply:

  • Use every smidgen of your products. It makes sense!
  • Rinse them.
  • Pop them in your glass recycling bin. Done!

So, if you’re wondering how to take part in Earth Day, these three simple things are a big step in the right direction. Best of all, you don’t need to wait until next April to do it all again. This is all about making every day Earth Day. It’s small steps to a brighter future.